The Last days: Nairobi Social Communication (18 & 19 October)cont

Fr. Sebastin Koladiyil sdb, Rector of DBYES and the SC delegate of AFE, celebrated the Holy Eucharist on 18th October and Fr. Luca Treglia sdb, the SC delegate of MDG, presided over the Eucharist on 19th October.  All these two days we tried to adapt ‘The Project of Animation and Government of the Rector Major and the General Council for 6 years (2014-2020)’ for the region of Africa- Madagascar.  The document has guidelines in four areas: Animation & Formation, Information, Production and Business Enterprises and Artistic & Cultural goods.   In French and English language groups, these four areas were extensively discussed and adapted for our region.  Then the secretaries from both the groups worked together to bring the consolidated proposals as the guidelines.  In setting up the team of Coordination in the field of Social Communication, the proposals are as follows: 1.the Coordinator (Fr. Jean Marc Marie sdb, DRC) for the region in the field of SC will work with a small team.  2. From CIVAM a provincial in charge (Fr. Faustino sdb, AFO) will help the regional coordination. 3. The term for this regional coordination team is for six years. On 19th October, the last but one session was dedicated to show case the work in the field of Radio Broadcasting.  In the provinces of Madagascar (MDG), Mozambique (MOS), Congo (DRC) and Cameroon (ATE) the radio broadcasting is at the service of  the youth and the community. The Conclusion of ‘the Meeting for Delegates of SC’ marked the end of theoretical discourse and the heavy responsibility to work in the field of SC in a very practical and relevant way, is on the forefront of all the delegates of Social Communication.  These proposals and guidelines are taken to CIVAM (Conference of the Salesian Provincials of Africa and Madagascar) meeting which is to be held in Ethiopia by Fr. Faustino, the Provincial of AFO and the Provincial in charge for the Regional Coordination of SC in Africa-Madagascar, for approval.   Hope to see a very great impact in the field of SC, so that life of young people gets transformed by the combined work of all Salesians in Africa-Madagascar region.

SALESIAN IN WHATSAPP?!?! Criteria in using Social Media

IMG_2797Day 3, 17 October 2014. Nairobi Social Communication

Fr. Faustino Gracia sdb, the provincial of AFO, celebrated the Holy Mass and the another day of strenuous work started. ‘The project of animation and government of the Rector Major and the General council for 6 years (2014-2020)’ was studied individually and each delegate tried to frame few guidelines for the region of Africa-Madagascar and one’s own province for the coming 6 years. As the influence of Social Media has become inevitable, the criteria in using the Social Media for the Consecrated persons, the motivation and attitude behind using the social media and what would be the contents and materials used in the social media were widely discussed. Responsible Freedom in agreement with the vocation and the congregation is the key which will help the consecrated to use this social media well. The policies of ANS in receiving news from different provinces were made clear by Fr. Filiberto. During extraordinary situations and crisis , the provincial is the Spokesperson and during ordinary times, the delegate of the SC is the spokesperson. No picture or news will be published which damages the image of Africa. News will be published in ANS, only if it comes from the Delegate of SC. Fr. Filiberto made it clear, the actual sense we should have in celebrating the Bicentenary of Don Bosco’s birth. It is not a ‘self-praising’ event; but for the young and for the future of congregation. By this we create future together with Salesian family, laity and youths.


The Excerpts from the introductory talk of Don Filiberto sdb on 16 october 2014. Nairobi Social Communication

BIC poster 3

 1. What was important for Don Bosco was to save souls & the rest he got away with.  We need to belong to God and bring young people to God.  We, the Salesians need to have the face of Don Bosco.  We come from different regions and different nations, and in this difference Don Bosco has new face.  BIC poster 1For what? To bring young people to God.  Salvation of young souls and that too of the poor is the only goal and motto.  This is the beginning of the Social Communication and it is the same for formation, mission, youth ministry and the every mission of the congregation.

 2. Africa is a big Continent and we need to have big heart to influence media to do this mission of saving the souls of Africa.  The work of Social Communication is measured in this evangelical Criteria of Saving souls and not of any social or human criteria.

3. Don Bosco is inclusive of everyone and even the physically challenged.  One young boy of 24 who was in a wheel chair, confronted me (Fr.Filiberto) saying that how can such people be left out, even in the logo of the Bicentenary of Birth of Don Bosco.  That is how the logo is modified as follows.   BIC DB_disabileAs Don Bosco is inclusive of every one, the social Communication should also be inclusive in nature.

 4. The one and only priority of the Social Communication is towards poor.  As the General Chapter 27 helps us to move towards periphery, the social communication should have the preference of the poor.



October 16th 2013. The day is set to revolve by invoking the Lord’s Presence through Meditation, Lauds and the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Filiberto Gonzalez sdb, the General Councillor for Social Communication, celebrated the Holy Eucharist. By his homily, he insisted that all should be authentic and the prophets of the communion. During the first session, Fr. Filiberto sdb gave the introductory talk. He insisted that the social communication should be inclusive of every one, with the single motto of saving young souls and should be geared towards the poor. All the delegates filled data regarding the status of Social communication in their own province. In two groups (English & French) we shared the concrete works which have taken place and challenges that we face in the province. During discussion, the financial constraints, lack of personnel – specialization etc. were mentioned. The synergy which is needed between different commissions including the Social Communication for fulfilling the same mission of the congregation was stressed. It was made clear that the work of the SC delegate is not only to produce, but to form, inform and animate by inculturation and to show the work of our province, regions to one another. In the afternoon, the Guidelines of the Rector major in the GC27 was discussed and we tried to translate that to the SC. This is the way to live inside the GC in the field of SC. We try to apply GC documents & principles in the context of Africa. The SC should give lot of different approaches. SC should be rooted in the Gospel. For our own educating & evangelizing mission to be effective we need ‘to be’ & not merely ‘to do’.

 We reached ‘Don Bosco Theological Center’, Utume, to have moments of togetherness with the delegates of Formation (who have their meeting in Upper Hill, Nairobi) and the students of theology. We prayed rosary together. Fr. Ivo Coelho sdb, General Councillor of Formation and Fr. Filiberto sdb addressed the students and they answered the questions posed from them. The meal what we shared after that was really the expression of family spirit.