DBS-Sports Events

Sports-024Mansa (ZAMBIA) 21-22/03/2015. MANSA DISTRICT INTER SCHOOL SPORTS COMPETITION. 40 Pupils have represented Don Bosco Secondary School in the Inter-School Sports Competition organised at the District Level. The event took place at Mansa Secondary School in Mansa. The pupils were trained and guided by teachers Mumba, Muluka, Chileba and Br Francois Rakotomalala SDB. The sports competition lasted for two days and the school came out in the 6th position. 10 pupils from Don Bosco Secondary School were selected to represent Mansa District at the Provincial level at the Games organised in Samfya. On Monday, pupils were greeted by the school in full and honoured for their participation in the sports event.



“Exodus and Everlasting Life” is the name of the mime performed by DON BOSCO MEDIA CLUB, Bauleni Youth, Lusaka on 24th October 2014.  On the glorious day of Golden Jubilee of Zambia’a Independence, Don Bosco Media Club came up with this mime, connecting the event of exodus, crossing of Red Sea and the Independence of Zambia.  The whole crowd enjoyed the performance.  Every one was thrilled to see the mime.  The student artists of Don Bosco Media Club used ‘death masks’ for the mime and those masks were created by them.  Though the stage properties were little, they used their bodies well.  Dinosaur which symbolized the Evil forces or the Multi National Companies that are bringing neo -colonialism, attracted the crowd.  When the “Freedom Statue” was formed at the end of the play, a big boisterous clap was seen.  This is the growth of Theater what Don Bosco himself encouraged, in Bauleni.  We planned to capture this mime and will be uploaded.  The other mimes are in net. Search for ‘mime in Zambia’ in net and you will see the gradual growth of this budding artists. Untitled-1 aatitled-1


Golden Jubilee and Bicentenary Celebrations, 23 and 24th October 2014


Don Bosco wanted the youth to be good Christians and Honest Citizens.  Taking the cue from Don Bosco’s Holistic and Integral Spirituality, on the eve of the Glorious Golden Jubilee of Zambia’s Independence,  mega celebration was arranged at Bauleni,  in view of the preparation of the Bicentenary of the Birth of Don Bosco.  On 23 October (Thursday) by 19 hrs, we started the celebration around the Altar and Fr. Louis Malama sdb presided over the Eucharist. Continue reading ZAMBIA + DON BOSCO = GOOD & HONEST CHRISTIZENS


The Last days: Nairobi Social Communication (18 & 19 October)cont

Fr. Sebastin Koladiyil sdb, Rector of DBYES and the SC delegate of AFE, celebrated the Holy Eucharist on 18th October and Fr. Luca Treglia sdb, the SC delegate of MDG, presided over the Eucharist on 19th October.  All these two days we tried to adapt ‘The Project of Animation and Government of the Rector Major and the General Council for 6 years (2014-2020)’ for the region of Africa- Madagascar.  The document has guidelines in four areas: Animation & Formation, Information, Production and Business Enterprises and Artistic & Cultural goods.   In French and English language groups, these four areas were extensively discussed and adapted for our region.  Then the secretaries from both the groups worked together to bring the consolidated proposals as the guidelines.  In setting up the team of Coordination in the field of Social Communication, the proposals are as follows: 1.the Coordinator (Fr. Jean Marc Marie sdb, DRC) for the region in the field of SC will work with a small team.  2. From CIVAM a provincial in charge (Fr. Faustino sdb, AFO) will help the regional coordination. 3. The term for this regional coordination team is for six years. On 19th October, the last but one session was dedicated to show case the work in the field of Radio Broadcasting.  In the provinces of Madagascar (MDG), Mozambique (MOS), Congo (DRC) and Cameroon (ATE) the radio broadcasting is at the service of  the youth and the community. The Conclusion of ‘the Meeting for Delegates of SC’ marked the end of theoretical discourse and the heavy responsibility to work in the field of SC in a very practical and relevant way, is on the forefront of all the delegates of Social Communication.  These proposals and guidelines are taken to CIVAM (Conference of the Salesian Provincials of Africa and Madagascar) meeting which is to be held in Ethiopia by Fr. Faustino, the Provincial of AFO and the Provincial in charge for the Regional Coordination of SC in Africa-Madagascar, for approval.   Hope to see a very great impact in the field of SC, so that life of young people gets transformed by the combined work of all Salesians in Africa-Madagascar region.